January 6th is pivotal. I invite us to a day of prayer.

After our mother died in 1977, my sister was going through her things and found her “nurse’s handbook.” On the blank first page our mother had written a prayer called “9 Consecutive Hours.”

Excerpt from a prayer written down by Mrs. Louise Fisher.
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The prayer begins, “O Jesus, who hast said ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you. Through the intercession of Mary, Thy most Holy Mother, I knock , I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted.”

Then she writes In parentheses, (Make Your Request). That is followed by two more prayers, each ending with, (Make Your Request).

It appears she said those prayers every hour for 9 consecutive hours. My sister made a copy of it and framed it for me. It has a prominent place in our dining room.

Wednesday January 6 is a pivotal day in our democracy. The world will be watching us as some members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, urged on and intimidated by the out-going President, will seek to overturn November’s election and the will of the people. Wednesday is also The Epiphany. We remember the light that guided three travelers to the manger. We celebrate the God who came in humility and embraced the plight of the poor. We remember that when faced with the threat of violence we can take another way. We can choose the Prince of Peace. As this important day approaches, I invite us to a day of prayer.

Pray however the Spirit leads you. For me, I will use my mother’s prayer. And in the space where it says, “Make your request,” I will pray this:

“Jesus, our country is in danger. May our constitution and the rule of law hold in the face of all assaults on our democratic institutions. We ask for a peaceful transition of power that will continue to be an inspiration throughout the world. Keep us from violence and give us hope. Amen.”